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The Trac System and Your Athletic Department
Posted by Jennifer Turley on 03 May 2017 04:19 PM

MAKE THE BIG SCORE: Maximizing the Trac System For Student Athletes

With nearly a half a million NCAA student-athletes, tutoring and learning centers are experiencing more and more traffic from this group. Fewer than 2 percent of NCAA student-athletes go on to be professional athletes so student-athletes depend on academics to prepare them for life after college. On average, student athletes require strong time-management skills and some thoughtful planning with academic advisors.


Trac Systems can help you track and support this special population of students!


Setting Up Custom Field for Student-Athletes

First and foremost, we need to set up your system to recognize student-athletes. We will utilize one of the custom student fields, which can be imported from your SIS. With this info, we can create Athletic Student Lists.  This data can feed into reports that can even be sent automatically to coaches. This will also allow other users the ability to quickly and easily identify a student as an athlete. Along with using the custom fields to track the Athletic Sport, you can also customize a field to keep track of the hours of tutoring/advising that your athletes are required to have.

(NOTE: If you are currently not tracking this information you will need to work with your IT department and Redrock Software to update your current import.)


Adding Athletes to a Custom List Based off the Student Custom Field

Now that this information is being tracked, we can easily identify a student as an Athlete which allows us the ability to isolate these students, add them to a list and run specific reports for those Athletes.  These lists can be created by using the Power Search feature of the Trac System. By utilizing the Power Search this allows us to set up specific criteria that can be saved as a dynamic list. A dynamic list will automatically get updated every time the import runs.

Automatic Reports

Now that we have created these individual lists we can set up daily or weekly reports that can be sent to the coaches, regarding only their athletes, if you want that to occur. This nightly report allows Coaches to address behaviors or issues as soon as possible.

Below we see an example of a report that the coach can receive. This will show only the students for their particular sport and will include visit information and any notes that were entered. This allows the coaches to be easily see which students are coming in for Tutoring/Advising, what they are working on, and session notes.

These reports can be automated to send Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and can be sent directly to the coaches! This helps save time and make sure that everyone is getting notified as needed.


Time Check Feature

The Time Check feature is a checkbox that can appear on the Log Student window that allows the student to check their hours for the week. This is helpful if your Athletes are required to attend tutoring/advising for a certain number of hours a week. The student can then check this box and then "log in" for a visit (see below):

Instead of being logged in for a visit, it will show a custom message with that students total hours for the week and how that compares to their required study hours.


Just the beginning….

Trac System is powerful and flexible for all your needs.  Managing student-athletes visits and monitoring their progress is one way you can keep students on track for graduation!

If you are interested in setting up any of the features in this week’s Newsletter or have any other questions please open at Ticket at our Helpdesk by visiting,

Thank you for your continued support!

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